Monday, August 27, 2012

Sewing inspiration from Tumblr

I collect and post pictures that I love
on my 

I save pictures of things that I love,
that I want to remember,
yes, that inspire me.

Here are some sewing pictures 
that I posted this month.

This is from Nana Company.  She inspires me. (via little things… - nanaCompany)

Here color selection always pleases me.

The vintage inspiration from (Source: , via inspirationlane)

Color inspiration from (Source:, via umla)

Stitching inspiration from Redwork Block (by stitchin.thyme)

Sewing Room Inspiration from the New Yorker 1987

Can you imagine the fabric that you could store in these drawers!!!  
I found this on Homesteading / Survivalism shared Homesteading / Survivalism's photo on Facebook.

What do you do with the pictures that inspire you?

Enjoy, kathy