Monday, August 27, 2012

Sewing inspiration from Tumblr

I collect and post pictures that I love
on my 

I save pictures of things that I love,
that I want to remember,
yes, that inspire me.

Here are some sewing pictures 
that I posted this month.

This is from Nana Company.  She inspires me. (via little things… - nanaCompany)

Here color selection always pleases me.

The vintage inspiration from (Source: , via inspirationlane)

Color inspiration from (Source:, via umla)

Stitching inspiration from Redwork Block (by stitchin.thyme)

Sewing Room Inspiration from the New Yorker 1987

Can you imagine the fabric that you could store in these drawers!!!  
I found this on Homesteading / Survivalism shared Homesteading / Survivalism's photo on Facebook.

What do you do with the pictures that inspire you?

Enjoy, kathy


HollyCraft Originals said...

i love the storage steps!!!

Jennifer Helms said...

Hi Kathy, great blog!!! I am so happy you used the stitchery I stitched up as an inspiration piece!!! I love redwork! You made me smile! Jennifer

shayshap said...

Thank you HollyCraft Originals and Jennifer Helms for the comments. It makes me happy that you enjoy my blog. thanks, kathy

shayshap said...

Jennifer Helms, I love your redwork with the chickens. Do you have them listed anywhere? Thanks, kathy