Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Anne Marie Horner Skirt Tutorial

   Anne Marie Horner Skirt Tutorial

    We made this skirt.

This was a super easy and fast project to undertake.

We were able to finish this skirt in one night.

and I highly recommend you make yourself one.

The construction is simple and 
you can probably whip one of these out in an afternoon.

Download the pattern here

This is a great pattern for a beginning sewer or 
if you are looking to make a quick addition to your summer wardrobe.

Thanks, Kathy

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Today's Prize is an amazing Iron!

Madame Samm says:

Wantobes and Quilters
why not? 

What an iron!!!!

What do you do?

Get TMay Newsletter
and go to her
go to wesewquilt and tell Samm which pattern
you would like to stitch on... and if sew inclined..order some
patterns...they are very affordable..

Be a follower here...you are aren't you? 

Thank you LISA- Thank you RELIABLE,
thank you Fons and Porter for Sept Mag...
and YOU, thank YOU both Wantobes and Quilters for being here...

LET's get more people quilting...
our world will be such a happy place...
I KNOW that already...I am HAPPY! 
are you?

Thanks, Kathy


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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Do you know NanaCompany?

NanaCompany is a blog that is written by Amy, 
She creates the most beautiful things and
shares her everyday life with raising her kids.

I get excited every time she posts,
because I know I will be inspired.
One day she was complaining about not being able to locate some fabric,

now this fabric was a favorite of hers,
but out of print. 
I was able to send her a link to a site,
 that had a good amount available.   

It felt really nice when you wrote and thanked me, Amy.    

Amy posted this today, it's called, 

just a spoonful of sugar...


I love when a picture is posted with a link to it's source.

Thanks, Kathy


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