Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I’m loving Pinterest!!!

I really enjoy scrolling through the latest pins - each and every day.  There’s always some creative idea or inspiring photo I need to pin!  Did you know that the boards make it so easy for you to find everything when I want to go back and try a recipe or print a free printable…love it!

What is Pinterest?
It is your personal virtual corkboard that you pin your favorite images on the Internet and creates beautiful collections of things you love.
Pinterest is in its beta phase; the site just hit its 75 millionth pin (a “pin” is simply an image found on the Internet) and is growing strong.  It has quickly spread through the online design and décor community, and has since reached into the nooks and crannies of the quilt-crafty-stitch community in a big way.
Why Pinterest
1.  It’s fun and free!   For me it’s a stress reliever and who doesn’t love sharing and finding new inspiration!

2.  You will find something from the photos that you can’t live without.   One of the very cool things about this free service is that when you pin an image you love, you’ll forever be able to click onto it to get back to its main source/original posting.  When you find someone’s pin or pins that you like, the next step is to push the follow button.  This keeps your home page filling up with beautiful things you’ll love.  You have the chose of following all their boards or one.

 3.  You can organize your collections…and enjoy the way they look at the same time.  Yes, you can move everything to a file on your computer, but you can’t see them all arranged like on Pinterest.  If you are a visual person…this is for you!

4.  Meet new people that share the same interests!  I’ve run across a few people that have the same taste in fabric, quilts and crafting as I do…I followed them right away!  It’s a social network with photos!
5.  Promote your shop with Pinterest. Now, don’t add every item in your shop…I’m not saying that.  That turns people off fast.  You can list your shop in your profile and add a few photos of your handmade goodies to your collections. You never know how many times they could be pinned after that. 
Give it a try! Share your collections with others and enjoy the inspiration you’ll find while browsing other’s pinboards.
OK, Here is how to get started?
   You can receive an invite from a friend or sign up on Pinterest  (It can take a few days, that’s the invite only part, but everyone so far gets approved).

   Set up your account/profile and start creating your pinboards.

   Add “Pin-It” to your toolbar to be able to create your own pins.  They have a nifty little tool that goes on the bookmark bar of your web browser which allows you to “Pin It” to your Pinterest page with a couple of clicks. Load it. It’s worth it.

   You can also re-pin from others.  Check out their information page to learn more.
There’s an iPhone app too, and it’s worth grabbing to pin on the road.
Have you given it a try??  Do you pin daily???  If you haven’t had a chance to try out Pinterest yet, you should! 
Visit my Pinterest boards and take a peek at what I’ve been up to, and you’ll learn about a few things that I love at the same time.

Thanks, Kathy


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