Monday, August 8, 2011


Ok, now is the time to register and win this 

Janome Sewing Machine.

This drawing is tonight and winner will

be announced by midnight.

( of course a machine

Introducing the Janome HD-1000
For our Wantobe Quilters

Calling all Wantobe QUILTLERS

( those with no sewing machine, you have no tools,
no rulers, no rotary cutters, you possibly don't know what that purple
thang is yet lol.) Then you are most certainly a Wantobe Quilter
and you can win this...

WE choose winners every day! And you can win more than once!
Winners will be  posted always at 12:01 AM EST
( exception on Fridays, winners are chosen at 8:17 PM)

Quilters can still comment of course, just be sure
to say you are a Quilter. If you are a Wantobe Quilter
just mention your sponsor./quilting blogger you registered with..

I would love to be your sponsor!! 

1. Become a Follower of the It’s Only Natural blog (that's here)
and of

2. Send me your name, phone number and email address
 for me to forward on to Madame Samm.   My email is This information will only be used for MS’s giveaway registry and destroyed when the campaign ends. (If you're more comfortable sending this info to Madame Samm directly, here is her email:
Tell her I sent you.) 

3.  Be a follower of 
Nan's Blog and tell us you are in comment.

That is three steps to win a brand new sewing machine.  

Don't miss this one today!!!

Good luck,  kathy

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