Monday, May 30, 2011

Storage solutions for all those magazines

I hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day!

I have collected and saved Quilting magazines for 20+ years.  I have them sorted by each Title - type of magazine and by date.  I have so many it is now impossible to find the article, much less where it is. 

 I found this great article in the Summer 2011 Studios magazine.  It talks about ripping apart the magazines, then saving the pictures and articles that you wanted.  Then recycling the rest.

She suggested ways of storing those pictures and articles so you can find them when you want to see them.
This would save so much shelve space in my sewing room.  Hope you enjoy this!

When you click on link, it pulls up page 20 of my magazine.  It is too small to read so click on the pages that were pulled up.  A black screen with tiny magazine appears.  Say yes to preview article. There you go.  

Instructions to solve problems with saving too many magazines.

Enjoy, Kathy


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