Sunday, June 19, 2011

More Sewing Room Inspiration

I truly love these first shelves.  The color, the size, 
they just appeal to me.

This room is clean and orderly, and fresh.

But these aqua walls are just wonderful.

This cutting table has great storage space underneath.

Do you have favorite sewing rooms that you have collected?

Thanks, kathy


Wendys Hat said...

I am obsessed with looking at everyone's sewing rooms too! I had to give mine up years ago and dream of the day when I can have it back.

Karen said...

Where is the sewing table from? It is awesome!!

shayshap said...

Hi Karen, I found this picture on Flickr. Maybe you could write her and she could tell you where she found it. Let me know!

thanks, kathy

Miss Sews-it-all said...

Hi, and thanks for highlighting my sewing space! The table is a free-standing kitchen island from Ikea. My original photo should be linked back to the original source at Flickr.

Patty said...

I just found your blog...oh, how wonderful to see all of the beautiful and creative ideas! We just purchased a home and it has a separate studio out back, and that will be my 'sweet spot' as I call it!! I am going to become a follower and add you to my blog's list of blogs I follow!
Have a blessed day~

shayshap said...

Patty, You are a very lucky girl. Every women deserves a 'sweet spot' for themselves. kathy