Saturday, September 3, 2011

Calling all Wantobe QUILTERS

(Those with no sewing machine, you have no tools,
no rulers, no rotary cutters,
you possibly don't know what that purple
thang is yet lol.)
Then you are most certainly a Wantobe Quilter
you can win this...

Your own personal Bernina

WE choose winners every day! And you can win more than once!

 Winner to be announced on MONDAY !

Ok, now is the time to register and win this 

To become registered to be a want to be quilter:

1. Become a Follower of the It’s Only Natural blog (that's here)
and  a follower at

2. Send your name, phone number, email address to me at  This information will only be used for this campaign giveaway registry and destroyed when the campaign ends.

After you completed one and two, you are a registered WTB Quilter.  This only has to be done once.


First go to JANE's and follow her..

Sign up with Bernina here..

Leave a comment on Sew we quilt with,
  you are following Jane and signed up for the Bernina Newsletter,
 and that I sent you, Kathy from It’s Only Natural.

The winner will be able to pick this up new BERNINA machine at their
nearest Bernina Dealer, you will be given lessons
on how to operate this and you will get this skin
of the roses sew you can have a very unique machine
that will keep you smiling....

Don't miss this one today!!!

Thanks, Kathy


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