Friday, December 28, 2012

Pictures of Christmas past

I have to apologize  for being absent
this last couple of weeks.

Life has just run away with me.

But here are some of the pictures,
I collected along the way.

A truly wonderful song 
from Glee

Little Blue Bell posted this lovely quilt, I love the colors

Yes, she says it all

We made these Star Shortbread Cookies and 
Christmas trees made with  Cupcake Cake liners.  
so fun!

The Farm Chicks have the idea with the 
Teardrop Trailer, lights and snow.

And I always find lights on fences stunning

Or these lights making a tree on the wall

Here is another version of making a tree with fabric bits

But one of my favorite things this week, was finding this
Hexie Frame Pouch tutorial

I hope the Holiday spirit found you and yours 
 safe and happy.  kathy

Winter scene in Connecticut (Source: Flickr / bwileycoyote, via irecallthepushmorethanthefall)

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